Make decisions about your health care.

We encourage patients to participate in decisions about their health care.

Our GPs value patient input in providing appropriate care based on individual needs. We have access to language interpreters and services to assist those who are speech or hearing impaired or have an intellectual disability.

Suggestions & Complaints

We are always striving to improve our service to you and therefore we welcome your suggestions.

We also address complaints very seriously and appreciate our patients informing us when they are unhappy with any aspect of treatment received from this surgery. You can call, write a letter, email or make an appointment with our Practice manager Jane Taylor.

In the event that you wish to take your complaint outside the practice there is a state government centre for such a purpose:

Health Care Complaints Commission
Locked Bag 18, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012
Freecall 1800 043 159
Fax 02 9281 4585

Privacy and Collection Statement

  • You can access your own health information.
  • It is necessary for us to collect personal information from patients and sometimes others associated with their healthcare in order to attend to their health needs and for associated administrative purposes.
  • A patients’ personal health information is used or disclosed for purposes directly related to their health care and in ways that are consistent with a patients expectations. In the interests of the highest quality and continuity of health care this may include sharing information with other health care providers who comprise a patients’ medical team from time to time.
  • We use a recall and reminder system to provide preventative care for patients to assist in ensuring that important health checks are not forgotten and are performed on time. If you do not wish to participate in our recall and reminder system, please inform our staff.
  • Information may be disclosed for legal and insurance purposes as required by a court of law and workcover. Doctors are sometimes required to disclose information for public interest reasons, e.g. mandatory reporting of some communicable diseases.  and for the purposes of research where de-identified information is used.
  • Information may be disclosed for the purposes of accreditation and quality assurance activities which are conducted by professionally trained and qualified persons.
  • It may be necessary to disclose information about a patient to fulfil a medical indemnity insurance obligation or to Medicare or private health funds, if relevant, for billing and medical rebate purposes.
  • If you do not disclose important health information to the GP, you are compromising the health care you receive.